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Many companies are still trying to decide which advertising methods is best suited to their products and needs. The two platforms, Google Ads and Facebook Ads, compete against one another, but let’s see what each platform offers and their strengths!

Google Ads

It is the largest and most popular Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising platform that enables you to advertise in a variety of ways.

Search network: The search network allows campaigns to appear on keyword-based searches. Search network ads appear at the top of Google’s search results.

Display network: Display Network campaigns display ads on web pages and apps when the keywords selected are related to the content of the medium they are using. These ads can be in video formats, images, etc.

Google Shopping: Shopping ads are eCommerce-based ads that allow the product or service to appear on relevant high-interest searches based on direct products.

Video: Video-based ads allow ads to appear on streaming webpages like YouTube and within the Google Display Network.

Google Ads Retargeting: Google allows sophisticated retargeting so you can keep all lost customers and win a sale!

The Google Ads platform is rightly considered to be the leader of electronic advertising since the audience that can reach is beyond imagination. According to the latest surveys, more than 3.5 billion searches are recorded each day. Google also tends to reward quality ads, that is, those that have smart material and are relevant to the product and keywords. These ads are what the users prefer, and Google wants those too.

With Google ads you can solve the need of the user but with Facebook ads you create the need and give him the solution…!

Facebook Ads

The big competitor of Google Ads is a key part of many digital strategies. Like his opponent, he has the power to appeal to a huge audience. Over 2 billion active users are looking for new updates and photos in their newsfeed. But besides the big audience, Facebook’s secret weapon is targeting, targeting user characteristics. Think about how much information we share with our favorite platform, how much it knows about each one of us. Are you married, you love sports, do you like biscuits? Advertisers here find the right audience and then target and promote only to these campaigns. Success Guaranteed!

It is worth noting that Facebook Ads have a special love for visuals, photos and short videos. Most of the time, of course, if you set up the Facebook Ad Campaign correctly, you will surely have results and will instantly get the money you spend back on your advertising campaigns.

The two omnipotent platforms provide leads, visits and many new customers in different ways. Several companies use both types of advertising, so you have to look at them together and integrate both into your strategy!

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